VENISON EATERS is unlike any horror film being made today. Not only is it a hybrid of three different genres (horror, thriller, and drama), but it is also a story of very human dimensions about the relationship between two brothers, Peyton and Larry. As children, they suffered a horrible family incident, which forever altered the arc of their lives. The brothers are vastly different, and as we find out; the horrific event has shaped their adult lives in contrasting ways. But when Larry’s only child goes missing on their first hunting trip together, the repercussions of Peyton and Larry’s tragic childhood comes back to torment them and leads them down a path of horror that will shock, thrill, and amaze audiences.

I relate to the torment these characters must confront because in my own life I have witnessed how a singular tragic event can change the way an entire family views the world. This insight has been one of several things that has shaped my vision of these characters and how this story should be told.

When I say VENISON EATERS will be unlike any horror film made today, it is not only because it is a hybrid of genres, but because it is first and foremost a personal film wrapped in an atmospheric, suspenseful, and cerebral piece of cinema featuring unforgettable characters and thrills. By stylistically mixing techniques used in films like Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, Steven Spielberg’s RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and William Friedkin’s THE EXORCIST among many others, the film will be different from any other contemporary horror film. By eschewing torture for exploitation and instead using the real horrors and sinister possibilities of life, it will challenge audiences to re-examine their own fears while giving them an unforgettable cinematic experience.

- Jordan Taratoot