VENISON EATERS is a horror thriller about two brothers, Peyton and Larry, who live in a rural Appalachian town in the 1980s. Despite being affected by a horrible family tragedy in their youth, both brothers have moved on to live normal lives: Peyton lives with his wife and young child while Larry lives with his bright 14-year-old son.

When Larry’s son tragically dies on a hunting trip on their family’s land, their comfortable lives are shattered, and the mysterious circumstances involving the boy’s death bring back memories of their haunted past. Not convinced by the police’s perfunctory investigation into the incident, Larry enlists Peyton’s help to go deep into the woods where the boy died to find clues that could shed light on the strange circumstances of his death.

The farther the brothers travel into the woods, the more they are affected by the ghosts of their past, remembering the horrifying incident that happened on this very property —their father’s property — which claimed not just their father’s life but their mother’s as well. Soon, the brothers must face not only their own fears, which begin manifesting in horrifying visions, but the reality that their land, and consequently their family, may be cursed by a mysterious and malevolent force.

Fusing visually horrifying, hallucinatory imagery with pulse pounding action, VENISON EATERS closes in on viewers on all fronts, leading to a horrific and shocking climax that leaves viewers gasping.